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Cowgirl Cork Board

Cowgirl Cork Corkboard

The other trainer at my site  is about different from me as can be. We have a pleasant enough relationship, but we baffle each other  regularly. She is a great lover of post-its and paperwork and writing things down. Let’s just say – I’m not. Most recently, she flummoxed me by removing a giant cork board from the wall of a training room and taking it with her. She’s a funny little thing, that one.

So, I set out to find her a cork board that would lend itself better to travel. I bought one for my home office a few years ago (the Pottery Barn phase) and tried to spray paint it white. That doesn’t really work. Fabric covered cork boards are a dime a dozen, though, so I was pretty sure I could  reworked it today for the cowgirl cow-orker who is obsessed with hanging papers above her workspace.

I took my inspiration from this Colleen over at Fresh Vintage.  I went with the cowgirl fabric (Crafty Planet) and avocado trim. It’s a little silly, but I’m happy with it! If nothing else, I hope it conveys the message “I get you, even though I don’t really get you,” since ultimately that is my goal.

If I can find some inexpensive cork boards on Craigslist or at thrift stores, this would be an awesome Merry Thriftmas gift for the kiddos.



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