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It’s All About the Benjamins

This won’t be much of a Merry Thriftmas blog if I don’t talk about money. I know, I know – it’s impolite. Tacky, even. I won’t lie and say I’m not nervous. What’s thrifty to me is going to seem stingy to some and positively ludicrous to others. I could defend my budget – talk about all the money I give to this charity or that –  but that’s not the point of the project. So, go ahead and judge me. I have made a decision, which is that I can tolerate a bit of ridicule and discomfort in order to add value, meaning and context to my Merry Thriftmas posts.

At the estate sale on Sunday, I found a funky old paperback edition of Hoyle’s card game rules and a completely untouched vintage gin rummy score pad. I picked up both for $1 (no tax, no shipping), and supplemented the gift with a deck of custom playing cards from Printer’s Studio for $7.99 (no tax, no shipping) featuring 52 of my favorite family photos. Total gift cost for my uncle of $8.99.

Whomever hosted the estate sale stuck prices tags on both book covers which in turn tore when I was trying to remove them. Not cool, yo!

I also got some thrifting / crafting done toward a gift for a young cousin. My plan is to give her a covered cork board and a jewelry box filled with “dress-up” jewelry. So far, I have spent $5.31 on cork board (thrifted at Goodwill), $.93 at Michaels (for paint and a new brush), and $4.81 at Jo-Ann Fabrics for fabric and trim. The cork board is complete and the total cost was $11.05. I had fabric glue and spray mount on hand, so I did not include those numbers in the cost. The next cream-colored cork board recipient will benefit from this weekend’s purchase of trim paint and brush. I’m comfortable with that type of accounting for this particular project since I’m aiming for averages. As for the costume jewelry, I grabbed a cameo at the Estate Sale of Win for $1.

I read that the key to great craft photography is lots of natural light. Did it work? With all that natural light, I can see that there’s a small area in the upper right corner of my board where the fabric looks wrinkled. >:-(

Did I tell you about the Estate Sale of Win? It was a crazy. Dude had like 300 metal files. I wonder if he kept all his files in files? Did he have to categorize them by genus and file-um? And really, what do you call a person with so many files? A fileophile? I sure hope they managed to sell them all. That would be a lot of file-o dough.

I have also purchased the following, which we are considering capital investments at this point. These items haven’t been applied to gifts yet, so they’re totally going to skew my average. The idea, however, is that it should all work out in the end. Right? Right.

  • Glass & Tile Pliers, Estate Sale, $2
  • Wreath stamp and Fimo (gift tags), Estate Sale and Michael’s, $1.50
  • Vintage Xmas Tin, Saver’s, approximately $3
  • Reptile Skins, Saver’s, approximately $10
  • Vintage Document Box, Saver’s, approximately $4

Woof! That’s a whole lot of ching for a Thriftmas! Should balance out soonish, though.



2 thoughts on “It’s All About the Benjamins

  1. I think those are fantastic gifts!

    Posted by S. | August 13, 2012, 18:16

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