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Sister Has a Brand New Bag

Remember when I said the only thing I had to get done this weekend was some pillowcases? Yeah…

I couldn’t very well start pillowcases when I still had a birthday tote hanging over my head. So, without further ado, my sister’s much belated birthday tote:

Isn’t it grand? Well, in the light of day the lining looks a bit puckered and the pic is all kinds of weird colors just to make my grass look lifelike, but you get the idea.

This is a repeat of my first sewing project – Crafty Planet’s Beginning Tote. I would love to share the pattern with you, but Crafty Planet is a small, locally owned business and I believe they would prefer to sell it. The cost of the pattern is two dollars, but you get it for free if you take their tote sewing class. It’s fun. You should tote-ally do it!

My sister picked out the fabric and I must say – it’s stunning in real life. Like her, the tote appears modern and sedate on the outside. But the inside? A riot of color, complex pattern and beauty like you wouldn’t believe.

Happy Birthday, Sisterpoke (rhymes with cow poke). I love you more than cheese!

Bitches Be Craftin’

Empirical evidence suggests it take 22 years to recover from trauma induced by junior high level home economics class.* At least that’s how long it took me to find my way back to the business end of a sewing machine. After winning the luck lottery this summer, my Aunt abandoned her sewing machine to my care. The cost of a new foot pedal (not unsubstantial), fabric, and a sewing class later – I had made the most expensive reusable grocery bag of all time.

Heady with my newly discovered power – the ability to cut out squares and sew relatively straight lines – my thoughts swung to Merry Thriftmas.  It was also around that time when I discovered buying fabric. I’m unlikely to become a great seamstress. But when it comes to buying fabric, I’m as passionate as they come. And if I have to keep sewing for that to make sense, so be it.

Last night, my sister and I checked out Mill End Textiles in Eden Prairie. Or, as I will be calling it from now on, Mecca. That place is just totally awesome. I bought the fabrics pictured for trying my hand at pillowcases. Squares? Check. Straight lines? Double check!

I have settled on a Roll It Up pillowcase (pattern) and it’s the only thing I have to do this weekend. The fabric is pre-washing as I type. Wish me luck!

*Research on recovery from junior high level industrial arts class is still pending but symptoms of PTTSS (post-traumatic table saw syndrome) have been observed throughout the sample.

Cowgirl Cork Board

Cowgirl Cork Corkboard

The other trainer at my site  is about different from me as can be. We have a pleasant enough relationship, but we baffle each other  regularly. She is a great lover of post-its and paperwork and writing things down. Let’s just say – I’m not. Most recently, she flummoxed me by removing a giant cork board from the wall of a training room and taking it with her. She’s a funny little thing, that one.

So, I set out to find her a cork board that would lend itself better to travel. I bought one for my home office a few years ago (the Pottery Barn phase) and tried to spray paint it white. That doesn’t really work. Fabric covered cork boards are a dime a dozen, though, so I was pretty sure I could  reworked it today for the cowgirl cow-orker who is obsessed with hanging papers above her workspace.

I took my inspiration from this Colleen over at Fresh Vintage.  I went with the cowgirl fabric (Crafty Planet) and avocado trim. It’s a little silly, but I’m happy with it! If nothing else, I hope it conveys the message “I get you, even though I don’t really get you,” since ultimately that is my goal.

If I can find some inexpensive cork boards on Craigslist or at thrift stores, this would be an awesome Merry Thriftmas gift for the kiddos.

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