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10 Tips for a Proper Fake Bake

I think I’m a self tanner convert. It’s a bit of a PITA, but I really like the look – especially on my face. I’m far from tan. As someone who is prone to redness – the overall look is warmth. I feel like I’m wearing just a little bit of make-up without all that pesky putting it on and taking it off business.

Here’s what I’ve learned about getting a good results:

1. Jergens Natural Glow is lotion based, so my dry skin wants to sucks it up like whoa. Most instructions warn you about exfoliation, but I need to combine exfoliation and pre-moisturizer to get a consistent result. Right now, I’m applying a layer of plain moisturizer 10-30 minutes before self tanner. The tanner itself takes another 10 minutes to dry, and which that point I add yet another layer of plain lotion to knees, elbows, wrists and ankles. It’s kind of a process, so I do it at night rather than in the morning. That’s fine with me since the product stinks.

2. If you get lazy and don’t exfoliate before you self tan, you can exfoliate after to even things out. That works just fine.

3. Scars and eyebrows pick up color like wrists and elbows.

4. Less is more. It’s supposed to build tan gradually over a week, so if you’re seeing results in three days you’re probably putting on too much. You can do that if you like, but it makes it much harder to get an even result. If you’re in a hurry, apply less self tanner more often.

5. It took me 4-5 days to get to my desired tone which isn’t tan per say – but no longer bright white. From there, application every 2-3 days is sufficient maintenance.

6. Rub that $h#t in. Then rub it in some more. Then a little bit more. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to rub it in too much. You know how all the instructions say to blend really well? That means rub it in like it’s your job. Who knew? Probably everyone but me.

7. Definitely wash your hands after application, but then go back and apply just a little to the tops of hands to blend the line.

8. I sprung for the special face version of the product for my face. It seems to have less of the tanner crap in it, and it works great. Maybe the body stuff also works fine on the face, but I haven’t been brave enough to try that yet. ETA: I thought briefly that the face glow product was irritating my eyes, but it turned out to be the Eucerin everyday sensitive lotion I was applying in tandem. Screw you, Eucerin.

9. Jergens appears to have paid off a bunch of bloggers to post about this product. That means the Internet is rife with marketing disguised as product reviews. That practice is all well and good, but this is not that.

10. Being newly tawny can lead to impulsive “summer lip gloss” purchasing. An unexpected side effect to be sure.

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