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10 Common Thrift Store Finds And Ways to Use Them for DIY Projects | Apartment Therapy

10 Common Thrift Store Finds And Ways to Use Them for DIY Projects | Apartment Therapy.


I’m a big proponent of working with what you have. Did you buy a house with 1970s Harvest Gold appliances? I recommend a nice, autumnal paint palette. Sure, you could paint your appliances white and attempt to achieve the cottage chic kitchen of your dreams – but it’s going to be a huge pain in the butt and it’s probably going to look like crap. Painting furniture, in fact, is something that I’ve given up on altogether. Appliances can just screw right off.

In formulating my Thriftmas plans, I’m trying to apply the same philosophy. Anyone who has ever crafted knows how quickly the price of an item can skyrocket once you start buying equipment and materials. I can’t be doing that, especially this year.

The question I’ve been asking myself is – what do I have a lot of?

Right now the answer to that question is broken glass (there was a storm – it was a whole big thing). So, I guess I could make… Sand? Probably be murder on the food processor. Stained glass? Except I don’t have the equipment or skill. Mosaics? Maybe. I’ve got some jewelry-fu, so if I could get it into reasonably sized pieces there’s some potential there.

Here are the ideas I’m currently contemplating:

  • Etched glass pendant, something along the lines of this
  • Glass painting – final form to be determined
  • Making a clear glass mosaic over a thrift store print

I’m open to other ideas.

As an aside, Harvest Gold is back! I could not be more pleased.

I snapped up a very retro glass and tile cutter pliers at an estate sale this afternoon in preparation. It was a dollar.

I also snagged another cheap bulletin board at the shiny new Goodwill by my office. It can be difficult, however, to craft with cats around the house.

Phat Loot? Flat Loot!

Who had the best day at the thrift store EVER!? That would be me.

Thanks to my sister’s eagle eyes, I scored two bags of mixed reptilian skins ready for stuffing. Lest you are totally grossed out at this moment, I mean this variety of reptile:


Six frogs! Eleven gila monsters! Twenty-one lizards! And a partridge in a pear tree. And so very, very cheap. I am pretty jazzed about the whole thing. All I need now is beans. I struggle and struggle with Merry Thriftmas presents for kids – boys especially – and these are perfect.

I also saved these super retro vintage tins. One is a standard vintage Xmas cookie container, and the other a snazzy mortgage document holder. So dreamy! At first I thought I would try to sell the portable file on Etsy, but I don’t think I will part with it.


Oh, and I nearly forgot my “new” green beads.

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